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Marine Surveying and Consultancy

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The COVID-19 virus is having a devasting effect on the World and World Economy.

The SOUTH AFRICA Government has placed the country on ‘Lockdown’ from midnight 26th March 2020 until midnight 16th April 2020. This lockdown means all businesses are to close. Home isolation is the order of the day. As experience has shown in other countries, this lockdown will in all likelyhood be extended. The Government has further published regulations so as to allow the country to operate and not totally shutdown. It has identified what they call ‘Essential Service Providers’. These service providers may continue operating so as to ensure that the country does not grind to a complete standstill. Garship Marine Surveying and Consultancy has been granted, this ‘Essential Service Provider’ status.

Garship is therefore available to assist with surveys and consultancy as may be required by our clients. These services for now are only available in the port of Cape Town and immediate surrounds. Saldanha Bay may be considered.

Garship shall abide by all local regulations, as well as WHO recommendations. Garship shall pracitice social distancing and general good hygiene at all times. Frequent handwashing and wearing of masks is essential.

Stay home if possible and stay safe!

To all the seafarers onboard, we thank and salute you for your commitment.

“Essential Service Provider” Certificate